Three Day Life Transforming Workshop

HealThySelf - Nature Cure Camp by Dr. Arun Sharma

A Practical Health Promoting Residential Workshop

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April 6th to 9th

Jeeva Sanjeevaa Natural Life, Chamarahalli Village, Kolar, near Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Workshop Details

What: Three Day 'HealThySelf' Nature Cure workshop. Learn to heal yourself by experiencing the healing power within yourself and using the science of Nature Cure to adopt practices that align the Nature within to the Nature around you, enabling a long, healthy life.

Who: Dr. Arun Sharma, Founder, Institute of Mahayoga and Natural Hygiene, USA

When: April 6th to April 9 (Thursday evening 4 pm to Sunday evening 6 pm)

Where: Jeeva Sanjeevana Natural Life, Chamarahalli Village, Kolar, near Bangalore, Karnataka.

Contribution: This workshop is Gift Ecology Offering. Please scroll down for details. For registration purposes, Rs. 999 refundable advance is applicable. This will be discounted from your contribution.

This Residential Three Day Workshop Will Give You:

Return to Nature

Upgrade from Illness to Wellness. Shift from outsourcing health to in-sourcing health. 

Explore how 'You Are Your Own Doctor' and 'Your Body Can Heal Itself' 

Set your medical bills to zero. Convert your medical budget to health budget!

Practices for Health

Yogasana, Pranayama & Dhyana Classes. 

Sun bath, Hydrotherapy & Self Massage Therapy. 

 Natural & Healthy Food: Recipes, Preparations & of course Eating!

Interactions & Community

Personal Evaluation & Consultation with Dr. Arun Sharma 

Dialogues, Question & Answer Sessions. 

Satsang & Fun!

Learn from an Expert Physician!

Dr. Arun Sharma is fortunate to be born in a family of famous natural hygienists. His grandfather Acharya Lakshman Sarma is renowned as the 'Father of Nature Cure' in India. His illustrious father Prof. Ganesha Sharma has taught nature cure to more individuals than any other teacher of his time. 

Dr. Arun Sharma the Founder Director of the International Institute of Mahayana & Natural Hygiene (IMANAH) obtained his doctorate in Natural Hygiene from the Indian Institute of Natural Therapeutics. He has served in key positions in several well known Nature Cure and Yoga institutions in India and abroad.

Under the banner of his institute IMANAH, he has conducted many training courses, seminars, National Conferences, and workshops spreading the message of good health through natural means. 

He has helped a large number of people who were suffering from serious chronic diseases, to return to normal health without using any medicine - simply by adopting the eternal principles of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene. Dr. Arun Sharma is fast approaching a record of service almost as his ancestors in the field of natural health with four decades of his life dedicated to preach and promote awareness to natural health among the masses.

What are Others Saying?

Gauri Rokkam, a Holistic Nutritionist from Bangalore shares her experiences from Dr. Sharma's Nature Cure workshop. 

"The workshop changed my life personally and professionally. Come, let's change the way we think about health and food!"

Gift Ecology Offering

When the flower is full of fragrance, it releases its fragrance to the winds. And the flower doesn't wait to ask, "What is coming back to me in return?" The flower is happy that the winds have been kind enough to relieve her of a burden.

Through our practice, we enjoy the benefits of Life Natural every moment of our living. With high regard and utmost respect to the laws of Nature, our true volition is to share the merits we have enjoyed with everyone while maintaining the pristine purity of the truth. 

As a community, we all understand that we depend on the participants for our own need to share and respect the trust you have placed on us. We see receivers as winds that carriers the fragrances of life natural without them we will be burdened with the benefits that we get out of life natural :-)

This course is offered to you as a gift by the participants of the previous course who themselves were recipients of the same gift that goes back to thousands of years. 

This unbroken chain of selfless offering that creates a field of gifts is what we call a Gift Ecology. It is a special field where people enter as students and leave as teachers; where people begin as consumers of good food and become producers; where people heal through natural therapies and resolve to heal others; where people receive knowledge, tools, food and services as gifts and commit to passing them on as gifts. You are welcome to be part of this gift ecology to receive everything that is offered, to offer whatever your heart moves to offer and keep the ecology alive. 

To understand more about the concept of gift culture, please watch this video: