One Day Therapeutic Fasting

Therapeutic Fasting

Learn to Supercharge your body's healing processes with the power of Therapeutic Fasting

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September 1 - 15, 2018

PHC Lifestyle Clinic, RT Nagar, Bangalore

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Only 10 Seats Available

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Workshop Details

What: Two-week workshop on Therapeutic Fasting, a science-based practice that helps accelerate the body's healing processes, reversing disease and enhancing health once you have upgraded to a Whole Food Plant Based diet.

Phalaharam and Upavasam from ancient Indian traditions have been found by science to be powerful ways to enhance health and prolong lifespan. This medically supervised systematic workshop trains you in therapeutic fasting and calorie restriction the right way, avoiding side effects & supercharging your health.  


  • Phase 1: One week of a preparatory diet
  • Phase 2: One Day Therapeutic Juice Fast
  • Phase 3: One week of systematic return to a regular, Whole Food Plant Based diet.

Sessions at the clinic:

  • September 1, Saturday, 4pm to 8pm (pre-fast session) with potluck dinner
  • The two-week process is done at your own home, facilitated by a WhatsApp group
  • September 15, Saturday, 9am to 2pm, (post-fast session), with potluck lunch


  • Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Co-founder, PHC Lifestyle Clinic
  • Shyamala Suresh, Fitness Expert
  • Aditi Eswar, Healthy Food Expert, PHC Lifestyle Clinic

Where: PHC Lifestyle Clinic, 25/1, 2nd Cross, Akkamma Block, Dinnur Main Road, R T Nagar, Bangalore - 560032

Contribution: Rs. 6,500 per participant. First 5 participants get Rs. 500 Early Bird Discount!

Eligibility: This workshop is open for you after participating in the Healing With Food workshop only.

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This Intensive Two Week Workshop Will Show You:

Disease Prevention & Reversal

At the root cause of chronic diseases, our leading killers, are our lifestyle choices, one of which is overnutrition. Calorie restriction gives the body an opportunity to focus its energies on healing itself. You will also learn how to manage acute illnesses like colds, coughs, and fevers by yourself after this workshop.

Traditional Indian Healing Traditions

From ekadashi to ramzan to lent, learn how traditions of fasting exist in cultures all over the world. Discover the specific benefits of different kinds of fasts and practices during these fasts, such as water therapy, meditation, and nature connection.

Kick Your Cravings

After this therapeutic fast, you will be the master of your tongue. You will have overcome most, if not all of your food cravings and will be able to consciously choose what to eat without being influenced by past memories of seemingly delicious unhealthy foods.

And Equip You with these Powerful Tools: 

Connect with Nature

Utilise these two weeks for deep inner travel through Nature Connection, inside and outside. Also experience meditation and introspection at a level that comes only with fasting.


Experience a level of mindfulness that comes naturally only during a fast. Explore your senses opening up to experiences around you, and your mind becoming acutely sharp to sensations and thoughts, within and without. Learn to use this heightened awareness to reformat your thought patterns to achieve your goals in life.

Community Support

Be a part of a close-knit WhatsApp support group for these two weeks and even afterwards. Continue to plan your own fasts and enjoy the process with friends and fellow travellers on this path towards perfect health.

What are others saying about Healing With Food? 

In 2013, I underwent open heart surgery. The doctors saved my life! They then put me on medications and advised me to change my lifestyle. I had no idea what that meant, until now and I want to share with you all my journey over the last 6 months

Before I begin, I must first thank my wife for supporting me wholeheartedly in following the principles of cooking as mentored by Dr. Achyuthan. All the while, I have supported her by only cutting fruits, that's all! Not even vegetables! Secondly, I thank my friend Dr. Meenakshi Bharath, who introduced me to this wonderful person; Dr. Achyuthan. 

Should I now thank Dr. Achyuthan Eswar? Why should I, you may ask.  

When I first met Dr. Achyuthan, I was 104.3 kgs; today I am 90 kgs. From 3 June 2016 to 3 December 2016, I have given Guru Dakshina of 15 kgs of my body fat. My transformation has been nothing short of amazing and the two aspects that led to it are the body and mind. I was taught SKY meditation by Prof. Krish Murali Eswar and have practiced it everyday. My day begins with chukku kaapi, a warm drink full of flavour and goodness followed by meditation and exercises. I take brisk walk after and what awaits me at home? A glass of fresh juice as prescribed by Dr. Achyuthan. I have achieved better health and a slimmer waist by eating three course meals! Yes, you read it right, everyday, I have two such meals one in the morning and one in the evening. Occasionally, I enjoy eating food at functions and repent soon after

You can see some of the results in my pictures, but what you cannot see is that my anxiety, fear, tension, anger, etc., has dropped by 75%!, My health is improving over the months, my skin glows,I'm active at all times, and life is beautiful. Instead of just dumping something in my stomach to fulfill hunger, I have started enjoying the food I eat. My health has improved and my weight has reduced by 15 kgs!

First time in my life, I realised the power of food and meditation and how they help balance our body and mind. When doctors were telling me to change my lifestyle post surgery, I thought of complicated things. Often, we associate an upgraded lifestyle with fancy clothes and sports cars, but what is truly precious is our health. When I learnt "How to be my own Doc" I am no more a patient, the quality of my life has improved and I'm enjoying every moment! 

To celebrate this, Achyuthan asked me to buy a new set of clothes, I told him will do so, once my waist size reaches 38. It has dropped from 44 to 42 and with his guidance, I'm sure I'll reach my goal! 

We are transforming as a family and at home, my wife and daughters have started eating the way I do and are experiencing the difference. The currency shortage does not bother me as I shop only in one fruit and vegetable shop, and one organic shop. This is all I need. 

Following the example of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, which Prof. Krish posted, "Let's not preach. Let's show the world and make the world beautiful with healthy human beings around." I once again thank everyone who is taking this journey with me. Be blessed! 

- Mr. Raghavan, Bangalore

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