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Hamsa Iyer

Waste Management Crusader

"With Naturopathy, I’ve lost 6.5 kgs of weight. I feel fresher, I feel much better – the pain on my leg has gone. I sleep better, I’m much happier now. It’s absolutely worth it! I feel like a good monkey now, worrying when I don’t have access to fruits! Go ahead and try this out. All you can lose is some weight!"

Vijayalakshmi Chari

Co-founder & Trustee, Magic Puddles School

"With just a couple of simple practices that Dr. Eswar recommended, I was amazed at how quickly my body got tuned to healthy eating. Eating the right things the right way made it easy to curb comfort eating and cut down on tea and sugar as well. It’s the first time as an adult that I finally find my food choices being driven by my body and not my mind!"