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David Attenborough Discovers Plant Based Diet Can Save the World


David Attenborough urges public to give up meat and encourages plant-based diets in a new film

The broadcaster, who is now 94 years old, said that we must change our diet.

The planet cannot support billions upon billions of meat-eaters. Sir David Attenborough, who has clarified that he wants the public to give up meat and adopt a plant-based diet in his documentary “A Life on Our Planet”.

“We need to change our diet”

“We could increase land yield if we ate a largely plant-based diet. We urgently need land. Nature is our greatest ally.” 

Sir David warned that the “natural world” is rapidly deteriorating and predicted the loss of biodiversity. This is the genuine tragedy of our time.

“A Life on Our Planet”

“I’m David Attenborough and I’m 93. It has been an extraordinary life. “It is only now that I appreciate how extraordinary,” Sir David states in the trailer for the film.

The living world is an amazing marvel. Yet, the way humans live on it is leading to its decline. Humans have overrun the world. We are replacing the wild with the tame. This is my vision for the future and my witness statement.

“Our planet is heading for disaster.” We must learn to work with nature, not against it. I will show you how.

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