Kaya Kalpa Yoga Workshop  

In this workshop, we show you how to use your vital force to withstand aging, improve immune power and even postpone death.

Workshop Details:  

What: In this training program, we will be teaching you  

1. What is Kaya Kalpa Yoga as systematized by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi? 2. Science of Kaya Kalpa Yoga 3. Benefits of Kaya Kalpa Yoga 4. Role & Importance of Biomagnetism and methods to increase it 5. Metabolic routine & Sexual Vital Fluid & its importance in Longevity & Health 6. Sex & Spiritual Life, Maintaining quality & quantity of sexual vital fluid 7. Aging process & how to withstand it 8. Kaya Kalpa Yoga Practices  

When: May 13th, 2018, Sunday, 8am to 11am

Who: Professor Krish Murali Eswar, Kaya Kalpa Yogi & Dr Vandana, SKY Master

Where: PHC Lifestyle Clinic, RT Nagar, Bangalore, India


1. Rs. 2000 - Regular contribution 2. Rs. 1000 - Student Contribution - Applicable only for students who are under 24 years, not working and not married 3. Rs. 3000 - For a couple

Early bird discount! Register before April 30th and get Rs. 500 discount per participant!

If you can donate more, please do. Proceeds from this workshop will go entirely towards enabling more people to benefit from these methods.  

Seats limited to 30 participants only.

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What is Kaya Kalpa Yoga?

Kaya Kalpa Yoga Workshop organised by VETRI SKY Trust & PHC Lifestyle Clinic