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Plant-based diets: key study results you need to know


Plant-based diets: what are they?

Plant-based diets consist of consuming foods that are derived from plants. The plant-based diet focuses on whole foods in place of processed foods that are unhealthy.

A plant-based diet has many health benefits

Research suggests that Plant-Based Diet can reverse, prevent and treat lifestyle diseases.

Lose weight more effectively

A 2018 study found that a plant-based diet helped reduce obesity. A study in which 75 overweight or obese people were randomly assigned to a vegan diet or continued with a regular diet that contained meat examined the effectiveness of each diet.

Only the vegan group lost weight significantly after four months, losing 6.5 kilograms.

Reduced risk of heart disease and other conditions

Researchers from the Journal of the American Heart Association have found a reduction in heart disease risk in middle-aged adults who eat a plant-based diet.

Eat less meat, and you might also lower your risk of:

  • stroke
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • certain cancers
  • type 2 diabetes
  • obesity

Diabetic prevention and treatment

People with diabetes may benefit from plant-based diets, which may improve insulin sensitivity while reducing insulin resistance.

The average amount of type 2 diabetes among the 60,000 people studied in 2009 was 2.9% for vegans, compared to 7.6% for nonvegetarians.

Go Whole Foods Plant-Based.

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